An italian pharmacist discovered a valley in the Peruvian
Andes Mountains and spotted springs of natural mineral
water. Those springs will then surprise the world.

Unique spring water sources

discovered over 100 years ago.

Socosani Natural Mineral water moves through the underground rocks to then rise into our valley, where it creates natural springs.

Socosani has been awarded for its purity, mineral composition and high-quality sourcing and bottling standards.

We owe our consumers, we take care of our collaborators, and we preserve nature.

What they say about us

The taste of Socosani Water takes me to Arequipa, the birthplace of my paternal ancestors. A familiar taste that I value and always share with my surroundings“.

Soledad Marroquín Muñoz
Gastronomy Communicator

Thanks to its fine and constant bubbles that refresh the palate, it is my best ally when it comes to tasting and enjoying various wines. I prefer it fresh, not cold, at the temperature of a good Chablis white wine “.

Jorge Jiménez Garavito
Director of the Peruvian School of Sommeliers

“For me, Socosani is nostalgia, it is family, because it reminds me of my childhood; we always drank it in my house. It is also purity, due to its origin and the journey of years from the thaws to the springs where it is bottled “.

Joseph Ruiz Acosta
Best Sommelier Peru for 3 years. Top 50 in the World. 7th of the Americas.

Internationally awarded, year after year, for its quality and extraordinary flavor

A note from Martin Riese,
internationally certified water sommelier.

“Water is black and white? No! Water has so many flavors and so many nuances. Every day I discover water as a new substance. Water is not just Water.”

Instagram, @martinriese 20.12. 2019