Our water source, one of the highest Volcanoes
in the Peruvian Andes mountains,
has been working for thousands of years

Chachani Volcano's, located in Arequipa at 6,057 meters above sea level

The green meadows of Suq'usa

Vinelli was astonished with the amazing beauty of the valley and  named it Socosani, because of the  abundance of fresh, green reeds. He found there natural mineral water springs flowing from the Chachani Volcano.

In search for the Nature

As the glacier of the Chachani Volcano's, melts from its snowy peak towards the Socosani Valley, the water is naturally filtered and rises to a higher elevation forming the springs of Socosani.

Found blessed

Vinelli sent samples of the water to a lab in France. After analyzing the samples, the French scientists recognized the water as very unique and certified the natural mineral  springs of Socosani water.

Socosani over the years

And so, these unique sources of mineral spring water from the Peruvian Andes, discovered more than 100 years ago while Vinelli rode through the Yura desert, today they keep all their properties and purity intact.